Cat and Kat

Katja (she) and Jona (she/they/xe) share their love of Blues music and dancing. They are dancers and organizers at local non-profit association SwingConnection Leipzig.

Cat & Kat is the name of their dance and teaching partnership. Katja and Jona engage in and facilitate explorations of Blues (a Black American artistic and social expression of Black culture and cultural context) together with other dancers.

They value comfortable connections, healthy movements, individuality, self-expression and equality within groups and partnerships. Get ready to dive into processes about dance, music, and community with them!


This whisky lover from the Netherlands found out about swing dancing when she was asked to tour with a New Orleans jazz band as a dancer. When Lotte Dijkstra moved to Amsterdam in 2015 she could finally dive into swing and blues dancing and started teaching soon after. She took all the classes she could find and traveled the world to learn from the best.

In her classes, she likes to help you find your own style in dancing and challenges you to find the best ways to connect to the other dancers and the music. She often gets carried away in the history of blues & swing music and dance. And loves song lyrics that make you giggle.