There will be scholarships provided for Vienna Sugar Blues 2023. We’re happy to announce that we will support four dancers with a Full Scholarship this year.

Why is this important to us?

We believe that blues dance should be open to anyone, no matter where you come from, or what you earn.

We do know that attending a Bluesfestival includes costs such as the festival pass, accommodation, and travel. To give more people the opportunity to attend the Vienna Sugar Blues Festival we are giving away these scholarship passes. 

For the reason of transparency, we want to add that the Vienna Sugar Blues Festival is a not-for-profit event. All the money we receive for the festival passes is solely used for financing the festival, e.g. paying for teachers, bands and venues. The work done by the organizers and other supporters is voluntary and unpaid.

The Facts:

With these scholarships we want to enable those to come to our festival who might otherwise not have the chance to attend because of financial reasons.

This year, we offer four 100%-sponsored social passes + add on classes

Deadline for application: 30.11.2022, 23:59 CET

We want to be fair in assigning the scholarships, so a dedicated team will come together and decide upon their awarding. You will be informed whether you’ll be receiving the scholarship until the 10th of December.

How do I apply?

Please tell us, why you should be receiving a scholarship, by sending us some information – your E-mail must include the following:

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your local blues scene

  • What does blues dance mean to you?
  • Why should you receive the scholarship?
  • Have you already attended a Blues Festival before? If yes, which ones?
  • Have you been to Vienna Sugar Blues before?
  • Where are you based?
  • Registration details:
    • Lead or Follow?
    • Do you need hosting? (please note: we can’t guarantee a hosting spot)

Please send your application to

If you have any questions regarding the scholarships, please contact our responsible team member Valentina via