Sometimes it is hard to find an open ear for your concerns on the busy dance floor. In order to make it as easy as possible to talk about your well-being, an overwhelming or unpleasant situation or report an incident, we put together the Vienna Sugar Blues Care Team. The Care Team will be around at the parties at all times. Just look for their special glowing flower crowns and reach out to them if you need help taking care of yourself and are comfortable sharing your experience and needs.



“Hi, I’m Jona (she/they) and I’m the safeR space coordinator in my local scene in Leipzig, Germany. I love to dance all the Blues and Jazz dances in all the roles as well as learning about and being mindful of their social context and implications. I work as a psychologist and have a passion for body & mind techniques such as mindfulness training, Qi Gong, Yin Yoga and Authentic movement.”


“Hi, I’m Ben. I work as a personal assistant for a disabled person and am interested in accessibility and inclusion. Apart from dancing I like being politically active and also nerdy stuff.”


“Hi, I’m Savina! I work in the legal area and dance lindy, blues and all the rest, aside from doing random things like learning Czech and following US politics. I am a volunteer at heart and love when communities are shaped mindfully and inclusively.”


“Hi, I’m Elizabeth. Originally from the USA, I can speak English, German & Chinese. My dancing roots run deep and whatever role I am in (teacher / organizer / dancer) I strive to create inclusive spaces and provide encouraging words to foster joy and growth. As a member of this team, it is my wish to make your experience at VSB 2022 as positive as possible.”