Code of Conduct

We care about you

We care most about you and that you feel comfortable at the Vienna Sugar Blues Festival.

Our Code of Conduct applies to all members of the community (organisers, teachers, DJs, Band members, contractors, volunteers, and dancers). By attending the Vienna Sugar Blues Festival, you have read, understood and agreed to the Code of Conduct.

The organisers of the Vienna Sugar Blues Festival are dedicated to providing a harassment-free and safe social dance experience for everyone, regardless of dance ability, dance background, gender, gender identity and/or expression, sexual orientation, physical ability, appearance, body size, race, age, religion, or any other trait. We have a policy of zero tolerance towards harassment in any form. Harassment includes, but is not limited to, verbal comments that reinforce social structures of power (related to any of the above listed characteristics or traits), sexual images in public spaces, deliberate intimidation, stalking, harassing photography or recording, inappropriate physical contact, and unwelcome and unreciprocated sexual attention.

When asked to stop any harassing behaviour, participants are expected to comply immediately. If a participant engages in harassing or unsafe behaviour, the event organisers and/or the Care Team members will take any action they deem appropriate, such as issuing a warning or expelling the offender from the event and/or future events, with no refund. In addition, a violation of the Code of Conduct will be recorded and, if deemed appropriate by the event organisers, shared with other event organisers to promote safety across the dance scene.

Care Team

If you are being made to feel uncomfortable or notice that someone else is being made to feel uncomfortable, if you are being harassed or notice that someone else is being harassed, or if you have any other concerns, please contact any of the Care Team members immediately. Contact the registration desk volunteer or one of the organisers if you need assistance locating a Care Team member.

It's ok to say no

It’s okay to say no to a dance when being asked. Please be respectful and accept a no when asking someone else for a dance. Equally, we ask you to decline a dance request in a kind manner.

Dance roles do not equal gender roles

Please keep in mind that in a social dance setting with leading, following, and switching, we do not assume the other person’s dance role based on their gender expression. We invite you to clearly express which role you want to dance when you ask someone for a dance.

Mind your own and other dancers’ bodies

Please be careful when dancing and make sure that you and your partner, as well as your fellow dancers, have a safe dance experience.

  1. Be mindful of other dancers around you and keep your dancing social-floor friendly.
  2. Make sure that the other person has given their consent before leading moves such as dips or dancing in close embrace. This includes, but is not limited to, yanking or jerking your partner around or forceful movement when leading or following (risk of shoulder, arm, and upper-back injuries).
  3. In case you have an injury or are in pain, please tell your dance partner in order to keep your dance safe.
  4. If you accidentally swipe or touch a sensitive body part of a fellow dancer, please apologise to them.
  5. Stay hydrated, and make sure to eat enough.
  6. When dancing, please take care of good personal hygiene. You know your own body – make sure to bring a towel, deodorant and/or an extra change of clothes, if needed.
This code of conduct has been adapted from The Spoonful Code of Conduct & Safer Space Policy and the example anti harassment policy from the Geek Feminism wiki.