Lisa Clarke (UK) & Fabien Vrillon (FR)


Fabien and Lisa are a couple based in Grenoble, France. Fabien discovered Blues through Joe Demers and Lisa was introduced to the dance when they met in Herrang.

Fabien is one of the leading figures in introducing Blues to his hometown of Grenoble. Loving every aspect of the Blues dancing world … teaching, competing, dancing … nothing makes him happier than being surrounded by people who share his passion.

The freedom to express yourself whilst achieving that perfect connection with your partner is what Lisa loves the most about blues. Her professional background in the commercial dance world gives her a unique perspective in body movement and aesthetics, which she believes can help the dance look as good as it feels.

Together they have used their different backgrounds in dance to create their own style of Blues. European Swing Dance champions in the slow lindy and blues category in 2013 and 2nd place in 2015, they love to share their ideas and techniques with others.


Ilaria Parisi & Nick Shirbini (UK)


Nick and Ilaria are a cool London based blues dance duo. They love the way that blues celebrates human nature and is able to bring people together by giving them a medium to express their true selves.

Ilaria is a caring teacher who encourages personal expression by not only explaining fundamental techniques to her students, but also providing the tools to let people connect to different partners and forms of blues music.

Nick is a school teacher by day and dance teacher by night. He loves finding out exactly how things work (hence the science teaching) which means he is perfectly poised to break down techniques and moves in a simple and logical manner.

In London Nick and Ilaria are ambassadors of the blues community; teaching weekly and performing front and centre with The Down and Outs troupe. Internationally they started their teaching journey in 2014 for the special occasion of Milan’s first blues dancing workshop. Since then they have been part of teaching teams all over Europe from St. Petersburg to Valencia. They have never been to Vienna before and so are excited to meet a new vibrant and enthusiastic scene!

Annette Künhle

Annette hails from Heidelberg, Germany and is one of Europe’s most prominent proselytisers of blues dance as a teacher, social dancer, DJ and organiser. Her love of teaching and dancing are infectious and if you’ve travelled for blues, you probably already knew that!
Annette is excited to be teaching in Vienna for the first time, and she is looking forward to helping you bring out your inner awesome!